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The TSCP-800 Chart projector provides clear and sharp images with fast chart swapping.

Features of TSCP-800

When operating TSCP-800, you can expect a high quality and best customer service.

Simple, Clear and sharp image

The TSCP-800 Chart projector provieds clear and sharp images with fast chart swappimg.

High Quality

The TSCP-800 has high resolution of 50 lines at full fields.

Capability of various test

The TSCP-800 with Red/Green and polarizing filters are for binocular balance test, stereo test, aniseikonia test, fusion test.


The TSCP-800 satisfies all methods of optometry tests providing the best environment.

A type
B type

Specifications (TSCP-800)

Refraction Distance 2.5 ~ 8m
Projection Distance 1.5 ~ 10m
Projection Magnification 30x (in 5m refraction)
Chart Rotation Speed 1 frame Average 0.2 sec
Number of Chart 32
Power Supply AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 100VA
Lamp LED 10W
Power Consumption 0.2A at 220V
Power Saving 3min
Tilt Angle ±20˚
Dimension 310(D) X 170(W) 230(H) mm
Weight 3.9kg
Accessaries Remote Control / Table Stand / Screen / Dust Cover / Fuse Power Cable
Option A pair of Red-Green glasses / A pair of Polarized glasses / RS232C / Floor Stand / Wall Bracket