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The innovative DSP engine for AXIS(TSRK-1000P) Ref-keratometer controls the entire measurement process including capture of measurement signal as well as, the data process and the display. So AXIS(TSRK-1000P) enables to provide stable measurement data and fine pupil images for you.

Features of AXIS (TSRK-1000P)

When operating AXIS (TSRK-1000P), you can expect a high quality and best customer service.


As soon as AXIS is properly aligned to each eye, this function initiates the measurement process and generates the measurement results automatically.

Automatic Fogging

The AXIS incorporates an infinity scene diopters of fog to control accommodation.

Instinctive, Easy of use UI

Its users can enjoy convenient and comfortable operation due to ease of use UI.

HR LCD(High Resolution Color LCD Monitor)

0.3 Mega Pixel 6.4 inches TFT Color LCD provides fine and large iris image with color alignment marks.

Automatic PD Measurement

AXIS automatically calculates pupillary distance for both near and far vision.

Other measurements

IOL, PD, Pupil diameter, CLBC, Ret-illum, etc.

Alignment marks

-> <- Move closer to the patient
<- -> Move further to the parient
----- Incorrect collimation.

Specifications of AXIS(TSRK-1000P)

* Refractometer mode
Sphere -25.00D ~ +22.00D
Cylinder 0 ~ +/- 10D
Axis 1 ~ 180˚
* Keratometer mode
Corneal curvature R5.0mm ~ R10mm
Corneal refraction 67.5D ~ 33.7D
Corneal astigmatism 0 ~ +/-10D
Axis angle 1 ~ 180˚
* Other measurement mode
Pupil distance 10 ~ 85mm
Pupil diameter 2 ~ 12mm
CLBC R5.0mm ~ R10mm
Ret-illum OK
* Others
Measuring start Auto/Manual
Display 6.4 inches 0.3M TFT color LCD
Alignment Color display
Printer Built in printer
Output RS232C
Power supply AC100 ~ 240Vac 50/60Hz 100VA
Dimension 242(W) * 467(D) * 465(H)
Weight 13.6kg